DIVA GODDESS QUEEN II: Casting down demonic powers that war against your soul

by Mack Major (2017)

DIVA GODDESS QUEEN II: Casting down demonic powers that war against your soul

You ever wonder why demons go looking through deserts and dry places trying to find water and rest: but can't find any?

It's not because they're stupid. They go looking for water in the desert because water use to be there!

Geological evidence proves that many places that are now deserts once were covered with water. Where there are now dry places at one point in time use to be lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

And these demons are basically trying to get back to the water because this is the world they come from.

"Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof." [Job 26:5]

Demons inhabit oceans, rivers, lakes and seas. That's their base of operation from which they rise and find their victims on Earth.

When Job 26:5 speaks of ‘dead things’—Strong’s Concordance H7496—it’s referencing ghosts that are formed from underneath the waters. Under the water is a place where spirits of dead people go. Not IN the water, but BENEATH the water. There is a world or realm that exists UNDER the waters! And dead spirits, ghouls, ghosts and shadow figures come from this place.

And it is also interesting to note, that in this verse, it also speaks about the dead things being ‘formed’—Strong’s Concordance H2342. That word ‘formed’ means to twist, whirl, dance and writhe in pain and agony. It literally means to whirl in motion and writhe in pain.

This is why many of your favorite stars and entertainers from Hollywood always go out of their way to pay tribute to some god, goddess or other deity associated with the water.

Remember Beyoncé's video titled Lemonade? That yellow dress she had on, the imagery involving all the water—none of this was done randomly. She was paying homage to the Yoruba goddess Oshun: the goddess of love and sweet waters whose colors happen to be...yellow.

Hence the reference to LEMONADE.

The Yoruba religion is where voodoo comes from. So, Beyoncé just paid homage to a voodoo water demon by morphing into it right in front of your eyes. And many of you loved it and cheered her on in the process.

beyonce water
IMAGE: Beyoncé in Lemonade Video; paying tribute to water demon goddess

But aren't some of you supposed to be Christians? So what are you doing paying homage to a DEMON associated with VOODOO??? You cannot be on Christ's side if you're welcoming demons into your life!

"You cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of demons, too. You cannot eat at the Lord's Table and at the table of demons, too." [1 Corinthians 10:21]

You have to make a stark clear choice in this hour: Are you on the LORD'S side, or on the side of devils and demons?

There's a lot that many Christians simply don't know or understand: things that they need to know if they plan to overcome the wiles of the enemy in this wicked hour that we now live in. You need knowledge and power!

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