HEDONISM: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds

by Mack Major (2015)

HEDONISM: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds

There's a reason why the Bible condemns sexual sins like FORNICATION, ADULTERY AND HOMOSEXUALITY. There exists another dimension that many people are totally unaware of: the dimension of the spirit realm. And in this realm there also exists demonic spirits and other evil presences.

These wicked spirits prey on unsuspecting people who naively think that violating God's Word doesn't carry any negative effects. Indeed it does. Many of you reading this are slaves to demonic spirits of lust because you are slaves to sin. And the sin you so readily embrace is the open doorway allowing these demons to enter your life and take control.

Been having a string of mishaps or "bad luck" lately? 

Can't find or maintain a quality relationship that doesn't end in disaster

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to control those sexual urges that hit you harder than a freight train at the most unexpected times? 

Do you sometimes feel the urge to hit people for no reason at all when you're in a crowded room? 

Do you have frequent or recurring thoughts of suicide, or harming those close to you?

These are serious questions. The answer doesn't lay in another psychotropic drug prescription. You can't medicate a demon! These are symptoms of something much more nefarious. And only the mighty power of JESUS CHRIST can break those demonic chains from off your mind and soul.

Don't be an avatar for demons any more! You don't have to be a habitation for demonic spirits to dwell in. It's time for you to shut the door on demons once and for all in your life, and serve them their eviction notice!

You can have lasting peace. You can have a sound, healthy relationship along with the blessings and the ability to enjoy it. You can be free from thoughts of suicide or harming others. Find out how by downloading a copy of HEDONISM: DESTROYING DEMONIC SEXUAL STRONGHOLDS.

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