by Mack Major (coming 2018)


Everyone's talking about how 'woke' they are: but why do black people seem more asleep now than ever before? High crime. High unemployment. Terrible schools. High rate of poverty.

While everyone else seems to be 'getting theirs' and living the American dream: black people still place last in just about every category of progress in American society. We've labored the hardest and the longest in this country's most formative years, contributing untold trillions of dollars into the economy: yet we have so little to show for it.

Now, it's time for you to get yours!

This is the ebook that white liberals DO NOT want you to read! They know that if you do, the spell of witchcraft that has been cast over the collective minds of African-Americans for generations, that has kept us last in almost every category—will finally be broken forever!

This isn't a book about reparations: this is a book about preparation! It's time for black America to prepare itself to rise up to the full stature of our God-given potential as producers and contributors in this present age of American freedom.

Freedom is not something that can be given: it must be taken. But first you must free your mind from those who have programmed it to think in a way that limits your personal and collective ambition and progress. This ebook is the master key that will forever unlock those mental, political and economic chains of bondage in your life.

** Our new ebook #WOKE is scheduled for release March 1st. Once it’s released, it will be $20. But you can pre-order #WOKE today and only pay $10, so make sure you pre-order now to save! God bless.


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