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[Special message from our founder Mack Major]

How #NetNeutrality Destroyed Christian Content: Many of you are unaware how net neutrality has greatly affected my work—and the team here at Eden Decoded—on social media. Net neutrality was an Obama era regulation that basically placed social media and the Internet as a whole under the power of the Obama administration.

Whether you know it or not Obama was a very pro-sin LGBTQ-friendly administration; which effectively gave social media companies the legal power to limit the voices of Christian content creators such as myself, and anyone else they felt were not in alignment with their particular worldview.

I am a Christian first; everything else comes second. So, my online content will always reflect my Christian beliefs in some way or another.

The very day net neutrality went into effect in early 2015, I saw an immediate change to my social media reach. My post views and interactions became greatly limited—even when I paid to boost them. Hundreds of trolls and bots started showing up on my page creating a highly disruptive atmosphere.

Any links I posted to sell my ebooks would rarely get seen or interacted with. My page basically became targeted by people who worked at these social media companies. I'm a paying customer here, unbeknownst to many. I pay to advertise some of my posts and ebooks to increase my reach.

However, thanks to net neutrality, in spite of being a paying advertiser my posts were still targeted on this site and others, and greatly hindered.

And when I complained to the company about the amount of trolls coming to my paid posts on their site, the response I received from employees was snarky, condescending, and I was told to change my content to something that was more pro-LGBTQ and less controversial or offensive.

I was basically told to tone down my message and to dance. This has been an ongoing battle for 3 years now.

My ebooks sell themselves when people are aware that they exist. But due to net neutrality and the way it's been used to unfairly target Christian content, less people have been able to see my ebooks.

I count on being able to sell my ebooks in order to pay the high costs and expenses it takes to have a viable presence online. Websites cost money. Quality graphics cost money. Quality editing costs. Creating quality ebooks and the means of getting them to you costs too.

People always say that information should be free: but it never is because someone always has to pay to get that 'free' info into your hands. Even 'free' Bibles aren't really free. Someone has to pay for the printing, the paper and the ink. And if you're not the one paying for it, that means someone else is.

It would be ideal for myself and Eden Decoded to put out more free ebooks. We want to. We did this before in the hopes that others would see our generosity and support our efforts by purchasing our other books, or through donating. That way we could continue to put out a mix of free and paid ebooks. But only a very small percentage of people actually ever give.

If everyone seeing this gave something today or bought an ebook, we would have more than enough money to produce endless content to bless the lives of many. We are not ashamed to ask for your help any more than you are ashamed to download our free ebooks or to read our free online content.

We don't advertise from outside companies on our website; and we don't sell your info to third party companies. We go to great measures to protect the integrity of our sales process and keep everything in house in order to provide you with the very best user experience.

Eden Decoded and I need your dedication and support. Your help will keep us online with a viable presence for years to come. To donate, click the button below.

God bless,
Founder of Eden Decoded

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