21 Day Challenge (hosted by Mack Major)

21 Day Challenge (hosted by Mack Major)

I'm about to start something that I call The 21 Day Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to help those who are struggling with porn or lust-related issues to completely break free and overcome those problems by the power of God's Word.

I call it a challenge because it can be very challenging to go 21 days without something that you've become somewhat addicted to. But once you get past the 21 day mark you are pretty much home free. It can be done: especially when you have someone willing to coach you through the process.

This challenge is for anyone who struggles with:

  • porn
  • masturbation
  • fornication
  • adultery
  • frequenting prostitutes (including strip clubs and those 'Asian spas')
  • same-gender sexual attraction, or
  • any other type of sexual bondage.

Jesus Christ came to set us free from the power of lust. But it can be difficult to walk in a high level of freedom when temptation abounds all around us. This is why I'm going to help you through the first 21 days, which are the hardest days to get through when starting out. And I'm going to be right there with you as you go through this challenge. We're going to get through this together!

Each day I'll be sending you something via email that will encourage and inspire you to hold strong and not quit. We're going to pray together, fast together and read scripture together and rebuke some evil spirits together—and it'll be done in the privacy of your own home or personal space, without the peering crowds on social media.

I really want to see you win the battle for your sexual purity. And I believe this will help you tremendously.

For some of you this will not only revolutionize you personally: it will also position you to be blessed by God with a godly relationship that can lead to marriage. For some of you it will heal your finances and open doors for more business opportunities. All types of blessing will begin to flow into your life when you let go of the sexual sin that's been holding you back and embrace walking in holiness. God always honors those who honor Him.

So come and join me in the 21 Day Challenge. And be sure to tell a friend so they can take this journey too.

** Registration begins right now and the challenge will start Monday, January 1st—so sign up now to reserve your spot! The cost for this is small as possible: it's only $1 a day!

When you sign up you'll get a complimentary copy of my new ebook PORN: When Pleasure Becomes Possession. We'll be using some of the information in this ebook during the 21 Day Challenge.

Click the button below to register. Looking forward to seeing you go from struggle to victory. God bless!


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